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Help me write argumentative essay

7 Tips for Excellent Argumentative Essay Writing

As a writer, your personal goal is always to integrate persuasiveness and good arguments in your essay that only hooks your reader but convinces them to agree with your points. It might seem not easy to write something so sublime in itself that you achieve these goals. But you can do it if you follow some simple tips and tricks that are psychologically proven to be effective.

If you’re looking for pointers to help me write argumentative essay, here are seven tips for you to follow:

1. Always address your desired audience:

While writing an essay, always keep in mind who your essay is intended for and how they can benefit from it. Most writers would want their writings to speak to the general public so everyone can profit from the included information. However, identifying the set of people that are most likely to read your essay could be more effective.

For example, if you're writing about the benefits of the parent-teacher conference in schools, your most probable audience is parents that have school-going children. So drafting your essay in a way that directly addresses them will have more significant results.

2. Keep a professional tone of voice:

It is of utmost importance that you always keep your tone respectful, and your words don't disrespect a certain group of people. Additionally, your writing should not contain harsh and demeaning words that could be offensive to your audience.

If you stray from this professional path, your readers will consider your essay disrespecting their personal opinions, and your writing would have no impact whatsoever. Remember, you're trying to convince your audience of your views and can only do it through mutual respect.

3. Follow an authoritative style of writing:

Establishing yourself as the authority figure is also a vital part of argumentative essay writing. Following this technique will cause you to have more influence as long as you continually support your argument with related facts, figures, and examples.

Make sure to be truthful, sincere, and genuine to your readers. People are more likely to believe you if you're transparent and determined in your approach.

4. State facts and numbers:

We, as humans, love statistics, facts, and numbers extracted from surveys or extensive research projects. Incorporate your essay with such figures and mention them where necessary to grab the attention of the audience.

For example, if you say, "many parents benefit from a parent-teacher meeting," this statement seems vague and uninteresting. Rather you can use numbers that amplify the fact, such as saying, "Up to 95% of the parents benefit greatly from the parent-teacher meetings".

However, make sure that your statistics are correct and a result of an authentic study. Else, you're only hurting the credibility of your essay, which is a huge red flag for many readers.

5. Be creative with your headline:

The headline is the most noticeable part of your writings. If you’re writing an essay for an online blog, people are most likely to click on the link if they find the heading catchy enough. Make sure the headline you choose is appealing and resonates with the reader's psychology. Additionally, keep your heading concise, to the point, and fluff-free.

For example, if you're choosing a heading that says, "Benefits of parent-teacher meetings,." This headline will do its job but if you rather address the audience and write it as, "Are you a parent with school going kids? Find out the benefits that parent-teacher conferences can bring you". This practice will build interest and entice your reader into clicking the blog post.

6. Make your writing resonates with the reader’s emotions

To make your writing extra effective, you need to connect your chosen words with the reader's emotions. If your essay resonates with their emotions, people are more likely to change their strict views about a certain subject.

Especially if you have a sales blog, invoking emotions can motivate the readers to buy your product or services.

7. Be precise with your words:

Lastly, always be precise! If you go into details while being specific to the subject at hand, you’ll attract your readers a lot more than if you add random fluff. Make each word mean something and avoid redundancies as much as you can. Adding famous quotes and sayings by renowned people in your essay can also be a significant tool to make it more convincing and appealing to the general audience.

Whether you're a student, a writer, or a blogger, the above-given tips could greatly benefit you in your pursuit of argumentative writing skills. If you are looking for help me write argumentative essay, contact us today!

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