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The language of dance

The language of dance is a unique amalgamation of symbols and expressions manifested through body gestures. It usually takes years of dedicated passion and fusion of mind and body to absorb this language. Dancers take immense pride in sharing this unique language with the viewers and establish secure communication in the process. A deep sense of rhythm is required to master the art seamlessly and do away with all kinds of superficialities that there can be. So, why this language is important? 

Many artists use this language as a tool for communication- to express agony, inner lives, political standpoints, feelings, the collective consciousness of a society, and popular stories. With years of constant practice, one can easily add to this vocabulary crucial in learning the language. Dance maintains a holistic approach in helping learners overcome anxiety and low self-esteem through its blend of body movements and expressions. In many instances, such an art form as dance remains pertinent in mastering a second language, effortlessly. Furthermore, the room to explore, know, and reinvent is endless in this sphere of art.

What constitutes the language of dance?

Instructors pass on coded messages through their learners performing on stage. How far the learners are efficient in delivering the message or communicate the meaning to countless viewers decide the fate of a performance. Dance language is not an abstract term but needs an enormous amount of knowledge, practice, and patience to obtain. When dancing in a group, the motto remains to emanate the message collaboratively without letting any hindrances stop the flow of ideas. Each inhibition or stereotype should be chased away in the process of learning and which is further aided by dance instructors. 

What influences the language of dance?

Components of language are influenced or shaped by cultural influences, society, and dance forms. Avant-garde dance genre uses varied ways of communication confronting the challenges that there might be in exploring the different realms of languages. Each dance form has an inventive and individualised approach of replicating the language on stage, and there are no cons of learning any of the forms. The creative ambition of each dance form is limitless and is garnered by respective instructors who leave no stone unturned to make sure justice is done. Needless to say that each new style has its sense of creativity and language and therefore one is needed to study the form at length. Initially, the process is severe further accentuated by the rich history of each genre that a learner is expected to learn and perform with grace. However, an aspiring instructor could always make the process steady overcoming any weakness or shortcomings whatsoever that a learner can face. While physical fitness is absolutely necessary to hone this language, nothing could substitute hard work and passion required despite hostile circumstances. 

How to improve one’s learning of this language? 

In any kind of dance form, the subject of the story to be communicated is significant since it decides the language. For beginners, a lucid and meticulous guide is the stepping stone towards nailing this complicated language and conveying it smoothly to the viewers. No matter what the occasion or obstacles are, these few pro tips would always guide a beginner in capturing the essence of this language and spread it evenly to everyone watching. 

- Try to discover the story 

- Behind every choreography or set of body movements lies a story that needs to be fully comprehended. At first, it might appear a bit strenuous to learn the language, but slowly the meaning could be unearthed. The use of symbols and motifs are prevented since ancient times, and these are to be preserved within oneself while learning. Why because these elements constitute the entirety of dance’s language and help one achieve greater perfection in due course of time. Be it ballet, hip hop, or contemporary, hours should be divested in learning the idea behind the choreography juxtaposed against the music or theme and how they are related to the language. 

- Purchase teaching aides

Many supervisors who focus on this unique concept of language publish materials and schedule workshops for learners. The motto is to render the language understandable to various groups irrespective of their demographic variances. There are multiple levels of learning and are generally decided by the instructor. The guides are essential not just for learning but enhancing one’s creative faculties that would inevitably help one in churning personal creations. It is imperative to start learning the concepts from the very beginning to get rid of future obstacles in the learning process. Symbols and cultural elements in dance forms hold constellation of ideas and give birth to a beautiful language.  

- Try a fixed schedule for learning 

- The process of acquiring or imbibing the language of dance was never an easy feat. It requires dedicated repetition where one needs to breakdown the theories and discovers more about the history of these. To do the activities unflinching, instructors always advice in favour of sticking to a schedule that would separate the learning hours from the rest of the events. Each moment spent in learning, one learns, nurtures grows, and rejuvenates. There is no alternative to learning it meticulously in order to pass it on to generations. 

- Interchange roles

- In order to learn from different perspectives, interchanging parts among dance partners could be an astounding idea. It is almost impossible and simultaneously flawed to learn the language from a fixed standpoint. It could essentially disfigure the meaning or distort the message that is being conveyed. Learners also tend to lose the creativity or flexibility required for understanding. Therefore, professional dance instructors vote in favour of role interplay to maintain the circulation of ideas and knowledge within one. 

Many pedagogical instruments are used for the purpose of teachinglanguage of dance, and this might even include stage paraphernalia. The primary goal is to introduce a high level of spontaneity with which performers can deliver the langue and communicate them to the society at large. 


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