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NLS (Nonlinear System) - Revolutionary system in diagnostic medicine and therapy

A team of Russian scientists has invented revolutionary system for the diagnosis of a large number of diseases and related therapy, called NLS (Non-Linear System) and has created diagnostic equipment. It allows you to track the health of the body based on changes in torsion fields, analyzing the body from body tissues down to individual cells and chromosomes.

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What are Twisting Fields?

The torsion field is a scientific concept that dates back to the early 1900s and draws on the Einstein-Cartan theory and some unorthodox solutions to Maxwell's equations. In 1913 the French physicist Eli Cartan was the first to demonstrate that the flow of space and time also possessed in itself a rotation or spiral movement known as "torsion."

The torsion field concept was taken up and deepened in the Soviet Union by a group of great physicists only in the 1980s. The group, led by Anatoly Akimov and Gennady Shipov, began research as a state-sponsored Center for Non-Traditional Technologies.

If gravitational fields are generated by mass and electromagnetic fields by charge, torsional fields are formed by spin. In quantum mechanics, the spin ("whirlwind," in English) is a quantity, or quantum number, associated with particles, which contributes to defining the quantum state. 

The torsion fields are generated by the rotation (considering the classic spin or by the angular momentum. There are both left and right torsion fields (depending on the orientation of the spin). Torsion fields also have the important characteristic of being influenced by biological fields, a characteristic verified by Glen Rein's work on DNA radiated by non-Hertzian energy emanating from various geometric patterns.

Each person has their own electromagnetic field, which determines the chemical reactions in the body. So a coherent field is synonymous with a healthy body, while a distorted or inconsistent field creates problems that manifest themselves as physical or mental illness. Therefore, by learning to read the electromagnetic field of a person, it is possible to diagnose with extreme precision all the types of pathologies from which he could suffer and, therefore, also to choose the most suitable cure.

This modern device is a computerized system that scans tissues, organs, and vessels in just a few minutes, basically everything in our body. It is thus able to identify any pathologies in real-time and to identify possible remedies, both allopathic and homeopathic and phytotherapy. The functioning is linked to the reading of these waves, starting from the assumption that every small variation of frequency from normal values ​​suggests the presence of an imbalance which, if prolonged, can lead to disease.

By intervening on the imbalance, with a balance of the frequencies, it is possible, when there is no damage to the tissues, to restore the biological balance of the cells, which thus return to being able to field all their defenses to restore the situation present before of imbalance. It is, in fact, possible to carry out a rapid and reliable scan of tissues, organs, and cellular structures, identifying any type of pathology, including allergies and intolerances, and proceeding to targeted and effective therapy.

In practice, biological systems temporarily altered or affected by pathology modify their natural balance by creating unstable (metastable) states tending to the destruction of the system. NLS (Non-Linear System) is controlled by a three-sector calculation system which currently represents the most advanced technology for performing, in real-time, spectral analyzes of electromagnetic fields with torsional patterns.

These very weak fields are characterized by continuous interactions between tissues, organs and the central nervous system. There is a constant connection with the exchange of biophysical information between the brain and the rest of the body, which allows us to keep the various systems in balance with respect to our bio-cybernetic circuit. For endogenous or exogenous causes, whenever there is an important alteration in the biological balances that the bio regulation system is unable to compensate, we record a disturbance, and the continuation of the disturbance leads to disease. This technology is on the one hand directed towards the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies in progress, on the other hand, it can play a real preventive medicine function, which informs us about the possible causes of pathologies not yet in progress, but which could occur if the subject does not opt ​​for an improvement in their lifestyle.

The Test - The Screening Procedure

First of all, it is necessary to start the scan of the various organs, tissues and systems which takes from a few minutes to a few tens of minutes, after which the diagnosis will be made by evaluating the elements from a list of pathologies with the lowest spectral similarity coefficient. it resulted from the patient's analysis is compared with a series of pathologies that the machine has in memory according to this coefficient which gives a statistical measure of what it could be. This is only the beginning of the investigation, and then there are other levels of analysis, such as entropic analysis, which indicates the state of aggravation of a pathological process or situation. It offers the possibility to determine the level of development of the pathological process.

It is also possible to evaluate the diagnosis of microorganisms and helminthes that is carried out by means of the spectral similarity coefficient for which provocation is required. In fact, specific characteristic frequencies of the microorganisms being evaluated are sent and an improvement or worsening of the responses compensatory percentages on a scale will indicate their likely participation in a given ongoing process. It is still possible to evaluate the biochemical parameters in the same way.


After making the diagnosis and determining the presence of microorganisms, we move on to the prescription of the treatment. In other words, we are able to test drugs before even administration! We can use some groups of medicines such as allopathy, homeopathy, phytotherapy, nutrients, and para-pharmaceuticals of different brands and check if the patient has improved with their administration. The principle of the selection of medicines is the same that is used in the preparation of the diagnosis; the most appropriate medicines are considered those whose spectral similarity coefficient indicates the value closest to zero or, in any case, as low as possible.

At this point, you can also decide to perform a bioenergetics rebalancing therapy on the patient at the moment without the patient taking the drug with which we are treating him.

In general, it is possible, once identified in which organ the imbalance is present and what its cause is, to set the most suitable therapy:

1. Therapy on the causative agent (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites).

2. Detoxification therapy with specific toxins (chemical agents, heavy metals).

3. Cell ionic balancing therapy, to restore energy and vitality to suffering cells.

4. Nervous, hormonal, immune balancing therapy.

5. Therapy for specific problems (dysbiosis, acidosis, pains, stress, etc.).

Meta-Therapy and Bioresonance

Two other therapeutic possibilities offered by the NLS system consist of applying Meta-Therapy or Bioresonance therapy on the patient through inverted electromagnetic vibrations of the pathological process. It is also possible to view the result of this immediate therapeutic action directly on the monitor. In this way, a further therapeutic effect is obtained through the famous neuro-visual programming effect.

From time to timeNonlinear System, the effectiveness of each individual method and pharmacological treatment present in the exhaustive database is assessed directly by testing it on the patient and evaluating its effectiveness even before its administration.


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