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Importance of dance student evaluation

Classroom evaluation helps in assessing a student’s capabilities, shortcomings, awkwardness, and areas of improvement that could help in learning the art. It helps the budding artists formulate new ways for self-improvement and beautify the art form. Additionally, without criticism and tests, it is impossible to develop a fresh outlook towards dance that every performer needs to achieve. The dimensions of students’ learning and growth could only be understood the individual is examined by a professional. Dance trainers after that work on plans and methods to bridge the gaps in knowledge and moulding the students in a pleasing way possible. 

Since each genre of dance requires a different set of skills, the parameters on which a student is tested vary with the dance forms. An institution that maintains excellence would mandatorily apply different assessment methods on a student and repeat the same in case the need be so. If a student is setting learning goals, it is only through assessment that the individual can realize to which degree it has been achieved. In the initial days, a student could face many inhibitions or queries related to the genre. To eliminate these various performance assessment techniques are laid out in detail by respective instructors. 

Here are the five bases of dance that play a crucial role in grading a performer during the evaluation-

- Body Alignment- it is undoubtedly a key area of improvement and can be fine-tuned over time. There are different measures to improve one’s body alignment through proper utilization of space and music. Dance instructors always maintain a firm stance while teaching the fundamental ways to hone a dancer’s posture. It does not merely help one to become a better dancer but also soothes viewers who would watch the performance unfold before their eyes. 

- Dance concepts- understanding and due implementation of ideas are necessary to facilitate the flow of a professional dancer. Without concepts, the superficiality of learning becomes apparent. In this regard, different instructors take myriad ways to convey the thoughts and history related to the art form, such as conducting workshops or verbally communicating them. 

- Body Transitions- the serenity of dance lies in smooth body transitions without abrupt pauses or confusion on stage. With years of dedication, a learner could adopt individualized ways to perfect the skill of effortless transition from one body posture to others. Grading scale to weigh how far a student can implement strategies of natural body movements is extremely strict. Since it cannot be learnt overnight, a student can only infuse the skill with daily evaluation and discipline. 

- The idea of Music- rhythm plays a crucial role in keeping the audiences glued to performance or appreciate it even years after it is over. Musicality or sense of synchronization should be imbibed within the student. It might also be helpful when a student is learned enough to become a professional dancer. Little knowledge of music and synchronization could have a more profound impact on the performance and leave the audience disconcerted. Instructors always observe the limitations that a beginner can face while harmonizing beat or rhythm within the dance. If a dancer is being assessed, dance trainers would always put a high value on this aspect. 

- Quality and learning- albeit this sounds abrupt at the onset, but it is significant in becoming a real artist sans any self-consciousness detrimental to an excellent performance. How effectively a student is expressing and conveying the language of dance depends considerably on how far the dynamic of the art has touched the student. Since there is always room for improvement, the primary focus should be on perfection and resilience. 

Different ways of evaluating dance:

Since the goal is to aide in student development, there are a couple of ways by which dance instructors manage a thorough review-

- Tests and Screening – frequency of such screening schedules does not merely allow the teacher to have a grasp on students’ progress but also helps students gauge the same. In dance, there are multiple theories and concepts related to space and balance, which require a substantial amount of time to process. However, with due evaluation strategies, instructors make sure that students are not lagging behind. 

- Self-assessment- within the four walls of the classroom, instructors allow for self-assessment so that students could themselves figure out the lacks. Besides, it provides an opportunity to have a clearer picture of their development over the days. 

- Peer Assessment- the stiff competition to outperform and improve on a daily basis has made peer assessment extremely relevant. One can always benefit from a coherent set of criticisms obtained from peers while mastering the art form. From body posture to maintaining focus, this type of evaluation has the potential to take different measures into its kaleidoscopic view to assure faster improvement and dedication towards dance. At each level of learning the art form, different criteria are set to make sure the student is meeting each irrespective of the difficulties that there might be. 

- Modules and Practical assessment- the presence of practice tests is not altogether missing from the evaluation. It provides a better opportunity to a student wherein the individual and read the concepts with wholeheartedness and relate them to the genre. Frequently, the instructors prepare for a cumulative process to discuss the outcome of the assessment. Students are grouped together where each student is provided with a clear view of their progress. Many times, the instructors set different standards for these students as per their learning efficiency and capacity. 

After the tests, results are carefully interpreted before disseminating the results to the students. A supportive environment that encourages learning irrespective of hurdles and failures is significant to every student. Professional dance trainers never flinch from investing diverse methods to appropriate the genre for each student. Many beginners prefer to start with a small group of leaners since this always carries a better scope for extensive training though not mandatorily. However, as evidentdance, the process of learning could only be complete with supervision and self-criticism and an unyielding resolution to better oneself from the last time.


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