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Importance of 3d Modelling in Architecture

Previously civil constructions were preceded by a blueprint, which mainly was a drawing to scale, of the proposed construction. This blueprint was put on paper with the help of a skilled drawing person, known as a draftsman. But this two-dimensional design left many things to the imagination of the engineers, architects and masons. For end clients, who are mostly laymen or novices in this field, to understand and follow these technical designs was quite tricky.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, architectural drawings are done with the help of computers using specialised software and tools instead of pencil, pen and other drawing instruments. So, plain two-dimensional drawings can be modelled into three dimensions. Therefore, images can be made very close to reality. The clients or prospective buyers can now see what they will get as end product before the actual construction comes up. They can also participate in the design process by actually suggesting their way of thinking and imagination before the technical persons. There are many companies and firms which provide 3D modelling as a service. 

A Picture does the work of thousand words

When an architect or a builder can present his proposed project in three-dimensional pictures, he can impress his prospective clients in a much more specific way than his words can speak. Now, if he can present his plan via a 3D model, then he will sound more convincing than he would have been able if he can show a 2D plain paper drawing only. This is a critical angle given advertising and marketing, and such enhances the business prospects many folds. Therefore, 3D modelling is very significant in commercial viewpoint also.

Models which are more realistic

As 3D models are more accurate and leave very little or nothing to the imagination, prospective customers can see and feel what they are going to get before the project comes up. Thus, they can suggest the changes they need in the construction even before the construction starts. With the help of modern software and skill, these changes can easily be furnished, without much pain, in the model itself. This, in a way, makes things much easier and cost-effective. Otherwise changing a construction after its actual fabrication is something very impossible, which one can imagine.

Process planning made easier

As all persons involved in the project can see and feel like what will be the final thing, it is easier to rope in everybody in the process, right from the planning stage. Earlier, in the age of 2D blueprint days, only technical people used to understand the system and accordingly make plans. But laymen such as end buyers and prospective clients or users used to stay in the quiet dark as most of the things were left to the imagination. That required special skills and knowledge. But thanks to 3D modelling and computer-generated graphics, people from any walk of life can see what the project would be like, before the actual development starts. So, it has become straightforward for them to take part in the planning process as any other technical person. This has enhanced the viability of all approved project from a technical point of view also.

Convenience and accuracy in measurements

As 3D models are very appropriate in showing the measurements of different objects and parts of the construction along with the relations among them, much more accurate and suitable measuring systems can be introduced. This allows everybody to actually see and feel the relationships and proportions among different parts of the construction and make necessary adjustments beforehand. This also helps in avoiding any confusion or chaos that may arise due to space limitations at a later stage once the project is complete or nearly complete. Accuracy in measurements in 3D models thus helps in cost-cutting and satisfaction for all.

Helpful for Interior designing

Previously, in the days of 2D tracings and blueprints, little or no importance were applied to interior designing of the constructions. Most of the interiors were done after the construction was completed or at an advanced near completion stage. As there are a different set of skilled people for interior designing, planning and execution of the décor, architects had practically no say in this area. Also, interior designers and fabricators had very little communication with architects and engineers, as their job used to begin when the latter finish or almost at a near finishing stage. This also added to the cost enhancement of the project and adversely affect the profitability. This unnecessary increase in cost also used to burn bigger holes in the pockets of investors and customers. Thanks to 3D Modelling things nowadays are sorted out beforehand. Much before the actual construction starts. This also helps in betterment interdisciplinary communication among architects, engineers, interior designers and above all the clients. Now everybody knows beforehand what they need to do and what they are supposed to get. The raw material suppliers also know beforehand the things they have to supply, and at a price, they will put. This also reduces the wastage of raw materials, thus making the project more cost viable and satisfactory for all.

So, we see that computer and 3D modelling has helped us a lot in the construction industry. It not only improved communication among clients or investors, marketing personnel, architects and engineers, interior designers, raw material suppliers and skilled or unskilled workers like masons, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others, it also increased the viability of the projects by bringing down costs. Right from the planning process 3D models help one to understand and get a general overview of the project. 

With the help of 3D models, the marketing person, on the one hand, can easily convince the prospective customers of what they can expect to get for what. On the other hand3d Modelling, it helps architects and engineers to properly plan the stages of the project much before it starts. It also helps the end clients to convey to the technical personnel of their desires and wishes regarding what they want.


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