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Historical and contemporary role of labour in the modern world

When you look at the taj Mahal or the Pyramids of Egypt or the Colosseum of Rome, the sheer magnificence of the structure captivates us to no end. The intricate details and the humongous design are stellar worthy examples of correct visionary ideas.

Similarly, structures of the modern world like the Burj Khalifa, World Trade Centre, or Worli Sea Link are also prime examples of infrastructural beauty of the contemporary world that are one of a kind. These structures are real examples of architectural models that will be recorded in history as everlasting masterpieces.

The common denominator in all these structural constructions is the extensive use of labour. It is these millions of labourers who gave a life form to all these massive structures, but the records of these labourers who carved each detail into these mausoleums are rarely available.

The transition of the role of labour in economic growth has been quieted as one of the most unstable subjects. But careful analysis clearly shows that employment has been a constant requirement during every period. 

The history of the evolution of Labour requirements

Historical accounts have shown that the labour system began as an apprenticeship and then progressed into a barter system where a member of a family worked under an in charge in exchange for food, shelter, etc. 

However, the labour movements and other rebellions over some time changed and reshaped the policies involved in labour provision. With increased allowances and benefits, the effort and time invested by the labourers automatically garnered better productivity.

With the code of Hammurabi implemented in the 18th century BC, the first ethical principles of labour assistance came into existence that provided the minimal required protection to these workers.

Modern Era saw the rise of leaders like Roberto and Karl Marx, and whose principles were designed entirely to provide the maximum level of security to the labour, thus becoming one of the most critical times of labour movements worldwide.

How labour division works in promoting productivity?

Labor division works based on some essential elements. These includes

- Employment and the relationship between the parties involved - Longtime employment policies and comprehensive schemes became a part of general employee contracts post the Great depression after world war II. This changes the employee and employer scenario completely. The general objective of the policy was to prevent forced labour and the barter system. This also improved the relationship and trust factor between the parties involved. The overall result was a stable work environment with steady production

- Remuneration and wages - The remuneration and wages system was another segment that was modified post-depression Era. The difference in the salary was no more about social standing, class, or creed. It was solely designed to be calculated based on the effort put by the labour. The promotions and hikes were also designed in a way wholly based on the productivity of work in general.

 - Health and safety needs - The mining industry suffered a considerable loss worldwide due to reduced labour implementation and a lack of safety measures. Taking the failed model of the mining industry into account, health and safety bills have been introduced in every section of employment. Hazardous and risky job has a long list of additional benefits and cares to promote a safer work environment. This, in turn, brings in the extra labour required for handling the job.

- Social security status - Illegal employment does not have any social standing in front of the law. To ensure better labour practice, Social security has been made into a mandatory requirement everywhere. The legal framework associated with social security allows one to take benefits and facilities provided by the government to authorized employees. The list of benefits ranges from loans and bank accounts to healthcare and allowances.

- Industrial relationships - Better trade unions and trade relationships between various sections improves the social bonds and business margins between multiple parties. A strong association helps in resolving employee and employer issues sooner and also enhances the relations between traders' partners worldwide.

- A special need of labourers - Special needs of labourers can include a variety of factors like maternity leave, disability, handicap, etc. it is vital to support the labour during such phases to promote a healthy work environment. Additional remunerations and leave with pay are some of the benefits that alter the production capacity to a considerable extent. This is due to an increased valuation on the part of the employers.

- Implementation of labour laws - Any industry that follows the labour regulations well is a safer and much more sound option for employment. For a better and far more credible name, labour law implementation plays a significant role

Factors that are influenced by labour requirement

Labour laws have transitioned from being a barter system to monetary exchange based on the time invested in the project. 

However, on a broader scale labour system has been broadly classified under the following factors

- The required distribution - product distribution nationwide is the dominating factor that influences growth in profit margin. The seamless transfer of products to the consumers affects the required labour quotient to a great deal.

- The accelerated economic changes - the day to day life requirements keeps changing with the advent of newer ventures and products. This also produces a furcation in the economy. To stabilize this change, it is crucial to have a steady supply of creative and upgradable inputs from the labour.

- The production valuation - A product can only be created and distributed if it has a marginal requirement. A quality product that has usage and credibility is bound to generate better consumer growth

  - The rate of consumption - The consumption rate is directly proportional to the investments provided and the income made. Once a particular investment goes through, it is bound to create revenue post-production, and this gives rise in the need in the market. SO consumption is automatically increased.

- The exchange factor - Besides consumption and production, another critical determining factor is the exchange valuation. We need multiple products every day, but it is not possible to find all the commodities every time. The multiple usability and exchangeability of a product provide a flexible consumer need that automatically promotes production.

Labour has played a very critical role in societal development since ancient times. The working methodology and the laws involved have seen massive changes, and newer implementation has also been introduced. Understanding the growth of labour isn't an easy task. Howeverlabour, one crucial factor that one should not forget is that labour requirements are a constant need that will never stop.


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