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Famous Ballet Forms

The graceful and elegant dance form covers the entirety of body movements sharp yet light in appearance. The extravagant costumes involved adds to the charisma of the dancer who brings along a classic mystery on stage. Primarily, the choreography might follow stories and folktales that the dancer is supposed to breathe with grace and movements. In a theatre, orchestra fills the room and audiences reverberate with the smooth transition of tunes. Posture is the quintessence of ballet form that has been perfected by quite a few inventions. Pointe shoe, exclusively appeared for Ballet in 1795, was replaced in the late 19th century by Anna Pavlova's design that added a leather sole to evolve into the modern shoe. There is no shortage of interesting historical facts behind the concept of ballet dance. Inevitably the dance form has branched into different variations and require years’ of dedicated passion to master. 

The ballet dance form surviving since antiquity

Classical Ballet

One of the oldest surviving forms of Ballet that can be traced back to 1920 when expert professionals decided to impart training. Diverse groups of dancers belonging from different countries blended and contributed to the popularity of classical Ballet. Russian, Italian, French, and Danish styles are infused into this category to bring about the pure enigma. The multifaceted ballet forms have traces of classical style. Swan Lake is exemplary of classical Ballet and almost an avant-garde for ballet enthusiasts. Its first reception in 1877 was replete with critical remarks; however, a few years later it set a new tradition. Swan Lake is recorded as the most performed pieces, unparalleled by any similar repertoire. 

Romantic Ballet

A branch of classical style itself, romantic Ballet originated in the 19th century adhering closely to the style of classical style. Nonetheless, a few discernable artistic alternations are apparent in this ballet form. Themes of French and Russian elements are visible in the form. Soul of the Romantic Ballet is certainly derived from Russian style and leaves audience spellbound in its beauty. Dancers rest their body balance on the toes while the feet remain completely extended. Costumes include classical white tutus that have now evolved to become emblematic of Ballet. The entire dance sequence is replete with emotions without which much of its glamour is rendered barren.

Neoclassical Ballet

Dancers twist the original classical style and techniques to enliven the neoclassical ballet form on stage. Choreographers generally tend to infuse detailed plot and imageries within the sequences that come into life with emotions and music. Over time, a lot of modern experimentations have been tried on neoclassical Ballet to provide it with a distinct identity. It is more athletic than light and delicate, and the postures require sharp and strong turns. It is quite a risking venture stepping away from the widely acknowledged tenets of classical Ballet to imbibe the spirits of modernism into it.

Contemporary Ballet

It is entirely new and has elements of both classical and neoclassical forms. Dancers are also inspired by jazz while performing contemporary. To many, William Forsythe is the inventor of contemporary Ballet who helped it breathe breaking away from shackles of strictly classical Ballet. The organization of this dance form was theatrical and complex often intricately spun within narratives of meaning. Contemporary Ballet has its roots in New York when George Balanchine in a bid to popularise it stumbled upon this variation. Costumes vary from tonnelet, stiff, wired skirt, or a la Romaine that men mostly wore.

Manipulation of pure and authentic classical ballet form has been indulged into by many gifted artists. While the aesthetics have remained predominantly high, the symmetry might have undergone slight changes. Contemporary style believes in minimalism while designing set and costume. For every significant Ballet form, Russia has an integral role of play since it leads to the scope of faster movements decked by layers of music. Ballet was increasingly becoming a collaboration between choreographers and musicians before it could be flaunted for audience applause.

Each of the distinctive dance forms also manifests clear lines and precise movements to avoid clumsiness. Vaganova-trained professionals show unflinching tenacity and flexibility nailing each body movement. Petipa is a noteworthy name who not just contributed to the abundance of classical Ballet but gifted some path-breaking performances. Another notable method, Cacchetti by Enrico Cecchetti, fetched critical admiration for its disciplined training and harping on one’s anatomy. Dancers were necessitated to plunge into a stringent routine to get into the shoes of a well-trained Cacchetti dancer. 

Each body part should be assuredly in sync with each other resulting in smooth twists and turns melting away into the music. Bournonville method of Ballet induces a tranquillity that dancers could only deliver once they are seamlessly incorporated themselves into each detail of Ballet. The success of this technique is dependent hugely on the suppleness of limbs. Critics believe it is the key to accentuate the harmony and grace required to light a fire.

In Conclusion

Ballet is rumoured to be first appeared in the 15th century during Italian renaissance, albeit it has experienced tremendous changes ever since. The dance is juxtaposed against the backdrop of luxury and fineness that could only be associated with noble ladies. The only patron of art could afford to encourage Ballet from spreading throughout the continent while King Louis XIV standardize Ballet through court festivals. Scholars have deduced that professional ballet academy has been existent with mid 17th century and the tradition of opera-ballet commingling was rampant too. The first step towards mastering the art form would be playing close attention to technicalities. The details could only be shown by a certified expert who has profound knowledge of the concept and theories of Ballet. The lesser-known Italian style is mostly improvisation on the traditional form of Ballet. Most countries have infused their flavour into the dance undoubtedly! Although the basics of Ballet are openly available on the internetContemporary Ballet, only a trainer could explain the history behind the formation of each ballet movements


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