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Famous African American literature authors

Lucy Terry

The creator of the oldest known African American literary work, "Bares Battle," is Lucy Terry. Terry after an Indian assault on Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1746 Terry composed the ballad. When many people were killed, she was imprisoned in Deerfield, and more than 100 people were taken on a forced demonstration on Montreal, particularly women and children. Their relatives or their culture were eventually saved and redemption by some; Mohawk family members accepted others, and several young girls entered the French religious organizations. The Ballad was written in the Republican Springfield and the Western History of Massachusetts in 1855 for the first time with an added couplet.

Wheatley Phillis

In 1773, three years before American independence, the author Phillis Wheatley wrote her book Poems on diverse topics, religious and moral. Not only was the first African American to write a novel, but Wheatley also became the first to achieve an international reputation. Wheatley, born in Senegal, was kidnapped at the age of seven and sold into slavery. She was purchased by a Boston businessman and was raised in Massachusetts. She learned the new English language at the time she turned 16. Many of the leading figures in the American review, including George Washington, admired her writing for his book. Many whites found it difficult to imagine that a Black woman could compose such excellent writing. To assert that she has published her novel, Wheatley had to justify herself in court. Some of the detractors point to Wheatley as the first African-American writer to be praised for achievement. As a consequence of her work's cynicism, Poems on various subjects have been republished with several introduction papers to authenticate and endorse Wheatley and his writing.

Hammon Jupiter

Jupiter Hammon, a domestic slave in Queens, New York, was also the early African American poet. Hammon had his poem, "An Evening Thought: Resurrection of Christ in Penitential Cries," as the first known black writer in America, in early 1761 as the broadside. Throughout 1778, he publishes an ode in which he speaks about their common humanity and close relations with Phillis Wheatley.

Hammon gave "Address to the Blacks in New York City" in 1786. Hammon wrote at age 76 after a life of slavery: "If we ever come to Heaven, we should have none to condemn us for being black or white." He was also promoting the notion of gradual abolition as a way to end slavery. In Long Island, Hammon is thought to have been a slave before his passing. Many abolitionist organizations repeated his address later in the 19th century.

William Wells Brown and Victor Séjour

William Wells Brown and Victor Sejour created the first pieces of literature by African-American authors. Sejour was born free in New Orleans and was 19 years old when he moved to France. In 1837, his short story, "The Mulatto," was written. It is the first recorded novel from an African American. However, it seems to have no influence on later-American literature as it was composed in French and distributed in French journals. Despite his later plays, Séjour never came back to African American subjects.

Brown was a famous American abolitionist, educator, author, playwright and historian. Born in Kentucky into bondage, when Brown fled to Ohio he served on river birds in St. Louis, Missouri. He started working with emancipation movements and moved to Rochester, New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts respectively.

Frederick Douglass

As an abolitionist and publisher of a poignant slave tale, Frederick Douglass rose to public attention in the West. In the end, he became one of Africa's leading Americans and one of the world's most influential instructors and writers.

Born in Maryland into bondage, Douglass ultimately left and served for various abolitionist reasons. He also published a variety of publications. Douglass's most popular memoir, The Narrative of History, was written in 1845 by Frederick Douglass, a Black Slave. Several reviewers also criticized the novel and failed to think that a black man could have published such an eloquent work. The book was nevertheless an instant bestseller. His memoir, republished as "My Bondage and My Independence," was later revised and enlarged in 1855.

Nancy Prince

Nancy Prince was born in 1799 and was of African and Native American origin in Newburyport, Massachusetts. At the age of 16, she turned to religion to try to find consolation in her life's trials. She met the Nero Prince and travelled to western Indian and Russian territories thoroughly. In 1841, she was a Missionary, and she tried by publishing a pamphlet named the West Indies, The Islands: History, Christianity Development, Learning & Independence in the Colored Population in general, to raising funds for her missionary work in the West Indians.

Sojourner Truth

In the 19th century, Sojourner Truth was a significant member of the abolitionist and feminist movements. Born to a wealthy Holland owner in Ulster County, New York, after 40 years of struggle she took the name Sojourner Truth, first for liberation and afterwards for purpose, she believed God was meant for her. She worked tirelessly on several fronts in civil rights; trained Michigan Black soldiers, aided with reliefs to liberated men and women who left the North, energetically unblocked the road car, and briefed President Abraham Lincoln in Washington

James Emanuel

In the process of releasing Dark Symphony: The Negro Literature throughout America (1968), a collection of black works from a significant author, This Anthology and Emanuel's role as a professor at New-York City College, where he earned praise for his analysis in African-American poetry. James Emanuel took a significant move forward in describing African-American literature.

Toni Morrison

In the 1960s and' 70s, as Toni served as Random House publisher and published books by novelist Toni Cade Bambara or Gayl Jones, Morrison was also supported to encourage Black authors and writers. Later Morrison herself will rise as one of the twentieth century's most prominent African American authors. In 1970 she made her first book The Bluest Face. Beloved, which received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1988, is also among her most famous works. This story is a slave who discovered liberty, then murdered her child's daughter in slave life. Song of Solomon, a tale of materialism, unspoken affection and friendshipToni Morrison, is another important book. Morrison has won the Peace Nobel Prize in literature for the first African American. 


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