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Effects of Different Environmental Factors on Artworks

Art is one of the essential factors if human development and civilization. Ancient art give us clues into the old social life. Described as a way of expressing ideas, thoughts, and information, historians have used artistic work to determine a way of life in a specific period. Walk through many states today, and you will discover the transformative nature of art to social and communities. Even in the smallest town, you will see magnificent museums and exhibitions presenting artistic works of ancient and modern societies.

Different forms of art have delivered a broad spectrum of entertainment, inspiration, and transformation throughout human history. The world has gotten to a point where there is increased recognition of the wide value of art. It is no longer a secret that art plays a significant role in exploration, discussion, and recalibration of human civilization. There are many monuments, drawings, and architecture across the globe that remind us of where we have come from. Many of the most ancient ones come from early human civilization in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome, Persia, and Asia.

However, these great works are under constant threat from natural factors. Be it time, climate, or human mistakes; they are making it hard for us to connect with our history. Because of this, you will discover that the arts we see today have been renovated time and again, making many to lose their original approaches. Changes in the planet’s general environment are the major cause of these unfortunate events.

Humanity and the environment

Many minds have come together and proposed the term Anthropocene to describe modern times. The prefix ‘Anthro’ refers to humans. When defined, therefore, the name states that the current geological status of the planet is a result of human activities on the planet. For years, humanity has been carrying out activities that have directly and indirectly affected the environment leaving the world vulnerable to harsh conditions. The fact that this geological age has been labeled should not be taken lightly. As witnessed in our evolution as a species, we can easily conclude that the human race is behind the changes happening in the environment.

More changes are to be expected as signs already indicate that the planet will only get worse if we don’t take care of it. Luckily, we have invented technologies that can help us measure the extent of the damage and find ways of managing it efficiently. Where people cannot manage, adapt, or mitigate, populations will move to other places to seek shelter.

Within the art realm, these changes are eminently a significant threat to preserving history. The massive climate changes, like the ones witnessed in 2014, indicate a vast danger to artistic artifacts. Things like strong winds, earthquakes, tsunamis, and bush fires destroy any exquisite art there is the world.

Today, one of the biggest threats to humanity, and indeed ancient art is global warming. Unfortunately, human activities have led to and keep making this situation worse. If it happens, then we can say goodbye to the Egyptian pyramids and similar architecture. As much as we want to have them around, it will not make sense in a few years to come when all is swept away. The only thing that will remind us of these times is perhaps the photos that we take now. Otherwise, it will all be stories.

You can never underestimate the effects of condition on the value of art objects such as fine art, vintage toys, and anything else that represents art. If you are a collector, then you understand the importance of getting those that are in better conditions.

Environment factors that affect art


Humidity is simply the amount of water in the air. The relative humidity is described as the measure of the amount of air moisture compared to the maximum moisture amount at a given temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the ability of the air to hold moisture. In a dump air, organic material will begin to decompose. That when paper art begins to lose its value and get lost eventually. High humidity also leads to mold growth, which and destroy even the best architecture.


As stated above, human activities are among the major causes of poor climatic conditions. The air population, for instance, is felt when surface accretion like particulate matter hit surfaces. Sometimes this matter contains sticky components that adhere to the surface and encourages more matter to deteriorate. When pollution particles land on a surface, they can damage the object through abrasion. Art cannot survive in such a polluted environment.


Even though sunlight is good for the global environment, it can be harmful to artworks. A condition called photodegradation is the breakdown of material as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight. The objects receiving too much sunlight begins to fade, and the damage made becomes irreversible. The most vulnerable art form is photography. This means you need to arrange your home in such a way that sensitive art material is away from direct harsh sunlight. UV rays can cause severe damage even on the oldest piece of art.


Many art features have been washed away by rain. If, for instance, a monument is put up in the way of a river, it can wash away the structure slowly until it does not exist anymore. This is a threat more so to an ancient art that was built on clear land, but climate change brought a water source their way. Other objects can be damaged through loosening, staining, and distortion. Photographs, painted photos, and any other art on paper should not be exposed to water.


The more people visit a particular art, the more it is vulnerable to damages. For art that cannot be concealed, curious hands can tough them from time to time, causing wear and tear. Besides this, the age of a piece determines its survival.

Our art is our pride and our culture. But it is under a constant danger that seeks to make us forget our roots. Creativity is a vital aspect of human civilization and development. These factors can make it hard for our future generation to experience this feeling. Even though some factors are beyond human energyEnvironmental Art, there are others we can prevent to avoid further losses. 


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